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Effective Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

At My Pro Bookkeepers of Burr Ridge, Illinois, small and medium businesses all over the country can count on us for outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services at less than the in-house cost. Our goal is to make financial information accessible and business decisions easier for your company. We offer a wide range of services from bookkeeping to business advisory, and offer free consultations to help you decide if we're the right fit for your company.

Our Services

No matter what services you may need to keep your financials in order, we've got you covered. Turn to our experienced team to help you handle all your financial data, including services such as:

• Small Business Management Consultations
• QuickBooks Training
• QuickBooks Setup & Customization
• QuickBooks On-site & Telephone Support
• QuickBooks Seminars
• Advisory Services
• Outsourced Bookkeeping
• Online Accounting
• Off-site Bookkeeping

Why Us?

Experience and Expertise - Your business's accounting is left in the hands of an expert. Our multitalented staff uses the latest softwares such as Quickbooks, Clio, and PC/MRP amongst others, to ensure operations are done correct and efficiently. The software will provide you with detailed processes and make your life easier and the whole operation more convenient and accessible. All that you have to do is to depend on the skills and the knowledge of our team of workers at My Pro Bookkeepers, Inc. We are certified QuickBooks Pro advisors.

Time -The biggest advantage of outsourcing your business's accounting to a third party is that it frees up resources that can be spent elsewhere. Since you don't have to worry about hiring your own bookkeeper, you can focus on things such as marketing, advertising, and otherwise reaching more potential clients. You’re able to put more time into your business; rather than to spend your valuable time on maintaining accounts.

Affordability - My Pro Bookkeepers, Inc. offer free first time consultations, contracts with fixed fees, as well as blocks of time for projects and other accounting needs, which is far less than what any client would be spending on its own accounting team.
Safety and Security -The fast-paced technology that works in today’s world has contributed to the success of businesses across the globe. My Pro Bookkeepers, Inc. is equipped with modern technology and systems that can go a long way when it comes to ensuring the safety of sensitive accounting information. All of our clients’ financial information is stored on a secured cloud based server system. We’re also able to send confidential accounting documents via fax or email for prompt account updates. 

Advisement -A good piece of advice is priceless and can win you ten times what its cost you. Alongside offering outstanding accounting services at a low-cost, we also give you some extremely valuable tips to help enhance the future success of your business.

We are prompt and treat our clients with the utmost priority.

Offsite Accounting Solutions Account for Big Savings

If you were to hire an in-house bookkeeper yourself, it can cost your business thousands of dollars every month. In addition, keeping up with training and the latest know-how can cost your business additional resources. Hire a professional for a fraction of the cost!

What is your in-house bookkeeper costing you?

Rate Per Hour 10 Hours Per Week 20 Hours Per Week 30 Hours Per Week 40 Hours Per Week

With min. Taxes





With min. Taxes





With min. Taxes





With min. Taxes





With min. Taxes





Additional Cost to add on:

• Higher Unemployment Tax rate
• Workman’s Comp Insurance
• Vacation Days
• Sick Days
• Office space, computer, desk, software, etc.
• Paid Holidays
• Life Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Retirement Benefits
• CPA cost to review and correct errors
• Medical Insurance
• Training Costs