Client Testimonial of the month:

"Pro-Bookeepers is your outsourced, highly efficient and expert, accounting office, independent of your employees, focused on your interests as the company owner /manager. Unless you are not interested in knowing why your business is not as profitable as the amount of effort you put into it or in knowing where you are losing (wasting!) money, you want to contract Dan and his accounting firm."  -- Riggle & Craven, L.L.P

About Us

My Pro Bookkeepers was founded with the mission to help small business owners.  Before launching My Pro Bookkeepers, Inc., founder Daniel Carnet, had worked for over fifteen years in the industry.  Dan grew up in an entrepreneurial family and witnessed first hand the challenges of running their small businesses.  Although he insisted he would never own his own business, by 2001, Dan found himself owner of his own small business.  He founded D.C. Consulting, a small consulting firm offering QuickBooks consulting and Bookkeeping services, in 2001.  Over the years, Dan continued to realize how important his work was to small business owners. 

He realized that Outsourced Bookkeeping Services were very different from the traditional CPA services that most CPA firms offer.  He also realized that if his family had someone like him giving them the information that he was providing his clients, then his family businesses would have been much more successful and much less stressful. 

In January of 2006, Dan developed a partnership in order to offer Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Services on a much larger scale, which now has developed into My Pro Bookkeepers, Inc.  He is determined to continue on with his goal. Dan developed and trained a staff of CPA’s, accountants, and bookkeepers to service small businesses.  His mission at My Pro Bookkeepers is to help business owners gain greater control over their business by teaching the business owners to utilize their time and information effectively to develop more successful businesses.